Philadelphia Voted 9th Rudest City And It Is Now My Life’s Goal To Make It #1

Business Insider – Americans have a lot of opinions on where they think their rudest residents hail from.

Stereotypes — or sports rivalries — often color these assumptions.

In October and November, Insider conducted a survey of more than 2,000 American adults, asking them to choose the five rudest cities in the US from a list of the 50 biggest cities.

The rudest city in America, according to the survey, is New York City. It was rated rude by 34.3% of respondents, which was almost twice as much as the next highest city on the list.


So Business Insider came out with list of the 50 rudest cities in the U.S. I think probably 20 would’ve sufficed as cities like Hartford, Connecticut and Birmingham, Alabama made the list and I don’t think anyone’s cashing in their Christmas money itching to get to insurance and backwoods country. I’m already calling bullshit on this list though as Philadelphia came in at 9th place which is the upset of the century. Only 200 people out of 2,000 thought Philadelphia was rude? We are getting soft as a city if only 200 people from around the world felt unwelcomed when they asked for directions or wore another team’s jersey while visiting.

This study was conducted in October and November which baffles me even more. The Phillies weren’t even playing due to the 8th consecutive lackluster season. The Eagles were on a two game losing streak fresh from Kirk Cousins and a Lions defense dominating them to go along with the fact no wide receiver with hands could clasp them long enough to hold a football. It was getting colder. Who did the people they surveyed speak to at the time? The picture they used for the article of Philadelphia was taken in Rittenhouse. They probably asked directions from a bunch of tourists coming in for a weekend to do some shopping from the Main Line. You want a real representation of the city go down to Port Richmond, Queen Village or out to Cottman and Girard. Ask someone for directions after Dak Prescott & the Cowboys just unleashed 37 points on us in primetime the night before. You’d be lucky not to get stabbed with an expired 7/11 pretzel and thrown in a dumpster.

No need to worry as it’s now my life goal to make Philadelphia the rudest city in America. I’m coming for that ass New York. An old lady needs a hand walking across the street? Fuck her. Everyman for themselves. Someone asks for directions? I’m sending them to North Philly.

“Oh, you’re looking for directions to the stadiums while wearing a Giants jersey? You’re going to want to take a left on Washington Ave. Turn left again on Columbus Blvd. all the way down to the Aramingo Exit. Make a left. Once you get there ask for a guy named Wally on the corner of E Street. He’ll take you the rest of the way.”

This article was a bunch of bullshit either way. The same people who consider Philadelphian’s rude are the same people who praise us for being ‘real’ and ‘honest’ when they come from the West Coast where everyone just talks behind each other’s back. I would bet my life on it that if the 10% who ranked us as a top-5 rudest city actually talked to someone from Philly other than a quick interaction they’d grow to love us like everyone else does. Also, can we stop with the lazy journalism on Philadelphia and the reason we’re considered rude? This is the excerpt that Business Insider used for Philadelphia’s rank.

One thing Philadelphia is known for is its intense Eagles fans. Over the years they’ve done some arguably rude things, which Philadelphia Magazine compiled in 2018.

These included throwing snowballs at a stand-in Santa in 1968, 60 separate fistfights at a single game in 1997, crowds cheering over a career-ending neck injury to Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin in 1999, and, most recently, a drunk fan punching a police horse in 2018.


Maybe it’s close to the holidays and we’ve been in the spotlight lately which is why I feel the snowball incident has been mentioned more than ever, but can we find a different slant about Philadelphia. 50 years ago we threw snowballs at Santa and shit if that’s the first thing people bring up when they talk about us, we must be doing something right that they have to give an example from half a century ago.

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