Next on FS1: Draya Breaks Up With Orlando Scandrick on Christmas

As if his dearly beloved Cowboys being on the outside of the playoff race looking in wasn’t bad enough for Orlando Scandrick, his holiday season just got even worse:

In a full slate of IG stories that were just text, confirming that Draya is the most annoying type of person on the planet, she states that she had been single the entire month of December. She must’ve seen Scandrick galavanting around with Skip Bayless on FS1 and thought he looked as pathetic as the rest of us thought he did.

What first tipped the public off about Draya and Scandrick calling off their engagement was a tweet from Draya a few days back. In the week of leaks she was hopeful to get her hands on DaBaby’s. Usually not something you say when you’re in a relationship but would not be the first time she ever lacked judgement. Nonetheless, she was actually single and thought it best to tell everyone during the holiday season. While everyone was spending quality time with their loved ones, she assumed we actually gave a fuck about those two.

Listen, I’m as shocked as you are that these two were even engaged.  No, not because she once threatened to stab him to death with a knife. But because who would ever want to be in a relationship with a spineless snake like Orlando Scandrick?

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