Michael Thomas’ Voice Is Startling

So yesterday Michael Thomas broke the single-season record for most receptions. He has more catches this year than all the Eagles combined and it was an impressive feat. But the real story here is Michael Thomas’ little baby voice. My jaw legitimately hit the floor on first listen of this interview.

How in the world does this man catch over 140 passes in the NFL while walking around sounding like a little flute? I mean it just makes no sense. And if I am the Saints organization, I’m suing the NFL after this. Because all intimidation factor has been tossed out the window. New Orleans is getting knocked out first round now. Michael Thomas may never catch another pass in this league ever again. This should have been kept secret the same way the Kennedy files are kept secret. The general public can’t handle the truth.

So RIP to the Saints season, had a really good run. Can’t wait to see how much they cry and complain in a couple weeks And force the NFL to make a new rule.

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