Dear Jerry, Please Keep Jason Garrett. Love Philadelphia

Hey Jerry, CEO Joe here. I know you’re having a tough day, I’m sure your grits taste a little soggier this morning than normal. but head up, season isn’t over yet. But, let’s just say it was. For shits and giggles let’s just say Dallas doesn’t make the playoffs this year. What’s the thought process? Is it time for Jason Garrett to ride off into the Texas sunset?

Let’s not do anything too hasty. I mean the guy has been a staple of the Dallas Cowboys organization for a decade now. You can’t just Cut ties with a guy like that. Think of the man’s family, do you really wanna uproot his wife and children over not winning the NFC East? Come on Jerry, you’re better than that.

A lot of people are pointing fingers at him this morning after that loss last night. But Jason Garrett can’t be out there throwing and catching the ball. He’s got clapping and miss high-fiving to do. Also running the ball on a critical third and one with one of the best running backs in the league is just idiotic. You have to pass it there every single time. Everyone knows that.

Also you don’t wanna fire the man, think of the team chemistry he’s built. After every single play he’s cheerleading his team whether it’s an interception fumble or a touchdown. That’s the type of support players need these days. And you might be saying to yourself, but Joe, all the players seem to hate him. Well Jerry, you’re absolutely correct. All the players on the Cowboys do seem to hate him but that’s what you want. Everyone knows the one thing that brings a team together is a common enemy. That’s what Jason Garrett is, he’s the one thing that everyone hates together.

Maybe this is just the Christmas spirit talking but if you think about it, Jason Garrett is kinda like Jesus. He’s carrying the weight of all the Dallas Cowboy’s sins upon his shoulders. Pretty brave if you ask me. So Jerry enjoy your Christmas holiday. And when the new year gets here and it’s time to make tough decisions I say stick it out with Jason. 10 years is just scratching the surface, I mean Bill Belichick has been coaching the Patriots for almost 20 years. Don’t you want to be like the Patriots?

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