A Drunk Eagles Fan Snuck Into The Eagles Postgame Press Conference To Ask Doug Pederson About Eli Manning


I fucking love it! You win a huge game and control the division with a trip to the playoffs? This city is drunk as shit right now and I’m heading to McGillins as we speak to join them. Everyone in that press conference better be drunk. Jimmy Kempski better be hanging from the rafters drinking whiskey with a couple of pink chip whores. If I was that guy I’d interrupt Howard Eskin too. At least the drunk guy had a well thought out question that had some substance.

How about Doug asking if that guy was credentialed? Uh, Doug I don’t think the guy wearing a Russian winter hat with Snoopy the Dog ear flaps went to Temple to study Journalism. Looks like he kinda just walked in the backdoor. Pretty sure there wasn’t anyone wearing a flappy hat asking you what you saw on 3rd and 4 in the 4th quarter during Week 1.

Honestly we need more drunk fans in postgame press conferences. It’s better than hearing 17 different reporters ask the same question a bunch of different ways. And honesty if the kid was able to fool security and actually get in Doug should have to answer his question. Fair and square. Credentials or not.

“Eli. Eli next weekend, what do you think?” BRILLIANT!

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