How About This Asshole Dressed Up As Santa Claus To Work The Satellite Tonight

How about Kris fuckin Kringle here all jolly and shit making sure the game is broadcasted to the millions watching around the world.  Could you imagine what was going through his mind last night when he put his head to the pillow. “Big game tomorrow. Nationally televised on the NFL Network. This is what you’ve been waiting for Todd. This is your moment. First Saturday slate of the year and the Bills and Patriots are playing for the division. Gotta be on your A Game. Shit did I get my Santa suit dry cleaned?” This guy has one of the most important jobs on the sideline and he’s playing dress up at work like it’s Halloween? Those Santa boots are clunky as shit. I imagine in the job description for his role it writes ‘must be sleight of foot’. There are guys running 4.3 40s running around the field crashing into innocent victims all over. I don’t want my TV connection being interrupted because St. Nick here thought it would be festive to get into the Holiday spirit. Clean it up NFL Network. I know you only get like 10 games the whole year, but act like you’ve been here before. I can’t have jolly ol’ St. Nick prancing on the sidelines calling the shots.

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