We’re Doing Tears Today Because Riggs The Dog Can Walk


If you didn’t expect to cry into your Cheerios today then move on, go read about JoJo’s headlights – which were spectacular btw. This blog is going to be pulling at your heartstrings like it’s Santana playing guitar in Smooth with Rob Thomas.

I didn’t think I was going to wake up today and start crying into my coffee, but Riggs the dog just entered the chat and his story is inspirational as fuck. Riggs the dog is currently at the Philly SPCA where he was surrendered after his owner was incarcerated and the landlord of his owner’s unit found the dog left to die. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope Rigg’s previous owner got the chair. I mean look at the condition our boy Riggsy was in when he was surrendered.

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⚠️images may be disturbing to some ⚠️ We'd like to introduce you to Riggs, or as he is known, the Comeback Kid. We've waited a few weeks to share his story as he begins his road to recovery, but we think it's time. This 3-year-old pittie arrived in extremely critical condition, with all the bones in his body visible and his head sunken in, to the waiting arms of our Shelter Hospital team. He had been left behind when his owner was incarcerated, and the landlord was shocked to find him. The first hours of Riggs’ arrival were critical; we weren’t sure he would survive. He was weak and could only stand with the support of our nurses due to his extreme muscle wasting. He had almost starved to death, but the miracle workers on our veterinary staff weren’t about to let that happen. Follow along on Rigg’s journey and know that these are the lives you save when you support our work. #animalwelfare #animalrescue #endanimalcruelty #endanimalabuse

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Riggsy isn’t one to quit and that’s why the Philly SPCA decided to nickname him the Comeback Kid. I envision the Comeback Kid Riggsy in training like he’s Stallone in Rocky 4 in the Siberia winter. High knees through snow, dominating crunches hanging upside down, just getting ready to dominate walking like his name was Ivan Drago. But just like Rocky, Riggsy boy had to start slow,  a whole week passed before he was even able to stabilize himself requiring help from the vets at the Shelter Hospital just to walk to his food.


Then a week later on this beautiful Friday the Comeback Kid Riggsy dominated his walk and gobbled up his food. I was legit sniffling with tears at my desk when I saw this. Had to get a tissue and fake like I had a cold so none of my co-workers saw I was a blubbering idiot watching Riggsy boy being nursed back to health.


If you are looking to adopt a dog I recommend you read this guide with 20 questions you should ask first.

Look at the fucking pep in Riggsy step as he’s bounding over to his food! Looked like he could be racing Usain Bolt by next Friday! If you’re reading this and live in the Philly area and haven’t put an application yet to adopt Riggsy boy then you my friend have a heart blacker than the coal you deserve on Christmas. I expect Riggsy to have a milion applications by the end of the weekend not only because of what he overcame but because he is a BEAUTY! This better be the last Christmas Riggs ever spends without a family he can call his own. Fill out an application! If you can’t adopt because you already have a dog think about donating. These shelters a lot of the time work off of the kindness of volunteers and strangers through donations. If there ever was a testament for donating it’s for our boy Riggsy the Comeback Kid. God dogs are the fucking best. Have a weekend everyone, especially you Riggsy Boy!


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