I’m Partying With The Ashington Rugby Club Next Christmas



Shout to the Ashington Rugby Club who won the holiday party circuit this year. Just absolutely spinning the holiday party scene on it’s head with their dicks hanging in the breeze. If you don’t show these videos to your boss to try and spruce up your holiday party for next year then you’re going to have a down quarter because this is team bonding at it’s best. I’m sure the boys went out and took it to whatever sorry opponent they had next.

Let me ask; When’s the last time you got down to nothing but your ball and chain with your boys for the spirit of competition? If the answer’s never, you probably played on the golf team or lacrosse. If you played football or basketball you know those high school locker rooms got into some sick shit during pre-season. CB West got their season canceled for waterboarding freshman a couple years ago. The same shit that happened to the Taliban was being recreated in a locker room down the street. High school boys are some fucked up in the head people you and I included.

I’m sure your company’s holiday party consisted of some finger foods, a White Elephant to get crazy, and alcohol to stomach talking to Helen from HR who calls herself “Team Mom” and tries to buy everyone’s love because she brings donuts to the cube on Fridays. Though I love the chocolate glazed Helen, every Monday in the fall I don’t want to watch a video of your son rushing for two yards from over the weekend. The B gap was wide open and he ran right up the Centers back. Maybe show him more film so he can read a simple 4-3 defense someday.



The best part about it is the Club released a statement about the videos. They didn’t even mention the fact a bunch of guys were hanging brain in the British version of a VFW. Nope. They just wanted to make sure you knew everyone signed permission slips.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 5.13.04 PM


If you want to watch the whole night in all of it’s glory here’s the video from some Dark Knight on Reddit. Warning: There are a TON of out of shaped men and their penises. I watched it twice. It’s not gay if you’re doing it for research.

NSFW Ashington Rugby club Christmas party from rugbyunion


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