Guy Gets Robbed at Knifepoint While in Barber Chair, Continues With Haircut

Jason Statham couldn’t hold this guy’s jock strap.  There’s ‘kill 100 men in less than 5 minutes bad ass’ and then there’s ‘get robbed while getting a freshie and just hand your shit over and continue with your haircut’ bad ass.

Imagine sitting in the barber chair, perfectly statuesque because your barber has asked you to keep your head still seven times, and before you know it, there’s a guy with a 10″ blade at your neck robbing you blind.  What do you do?  Panic?  Fight?  Run?  Or continue to sit still because the bond between barber and client is one of the strongest known to man? The correct answer is sit still.  If your barber tells you to stop moving your head, you don’t move your fucking head.  Simple as that.

Although the guy in the barber chair is the biggest hardo I’ve ever seen, the real hero in this video is the barber.  Guy is out here trying to make a living, and he won’t let some brazen bandit come between him and his paper.


Featured Photo – Daily Mail UK


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