Trey Burke’s Dad Wants Him Out Of Philadelphia Via Instagram

Cool. Seriously though, does Trey’s dad not remember the last dad that went rogue like this? His son ended up a vegan and on the Pelicans. Easy there big fella. Kid is playing 16 minutes a game. Yes he’s shooting the 3-ball at a 39% clip but let’s not act like Trey Burke is some career 20 point a game scorer. They guy averaged 9.7 ppg last year on Dallas. He’s playing on a team with a real star big man, get over it buddy. Your son has started 17 games since 2015. You want minutes go back to Utah and back up Donovan Mitchell. Can’t score more points when Mitchell is out there throwing up 40+ shots a game. Hopefully the Sixers are buying this deadline and send Burke and his dad packing. Go get us a real off the bench scorer instead.


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