Start Dallas Week With The Eagles XMas Light Show


Dallas week for all the marbles of the NFC East. 7-7 isn’t the way we drew it up in the beginning of the year but here we are. One team is going to go to 8-7 and put a stranglehold on the world’s saddest division. Wasn’t super happy to see the Cowboys blow the doors off the Rams. Makes me a little nervous that the Eagles season will be over before 90 Day FiancĂ© starts Sunday night. Also, if you’re not watching that show you’re a big dummy. It’s an absolute train wreck every week and I’m here for it.

We all need to do our part like this guy. I mean I hate the over the top lights guy but this gets a pass. We’re basically looking at a week 16 playoff game. I’ll put that Xmas light hate aside this week for the greater good. Go Birds, beat those Cowboys and let’s have a fucking week people!

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