Just Another Day In The Life Of Antonio Brown: Livestreams Police At His Door, Calls His Mom A Dike



Just another day in the life of a former All-Pro Wide Receiver coming undone at the seams in front of millions of people daily. This is a real life Truman Show. I for one can’t believe it took this long for crazy AB to rear his head. We had the story of how he hired a full time photographer that had unprecedented access that some Steelers employees weren’t even granted. He livestreamed Mike Tomlin’s post game locker room speech. A speech that featured “Be cool on social media.” And the final nail in the coffin was AB being a healthy scratch in a must win game for the Steelers. All of that now doesn’t even pale in comparison to what we’ve witnessed on AB’s Twitter and Instagram account since he was cut by the New England Patriots.

The NFL needs to go back and give Mike Tomlin all 8 Coach of the Year Awards that he had AB on the roster. You can’t say though that Antonio Brown isn’t a social media savant. He’s maximizing his platforms in a way only a social media guru could. He’s livestreaming on Instagram cops showing up at his house to get his Baby Mama and he’s calling his mom a Dike on Twitter. It’s all about impressions in the social media game. What’s getting the most likes, eyeballs, clout. If this football thing doesn’t ever work out some Fortune 50 company has to hire AB as a consultant. Could you imagine AB sitting in an Apple boardroom in a towel and no shirt? (I just assume he lives life constantly in a towel from my research.)

Exec: “Hey AB, we’re trying to bring more eyeballs to this new product release. How can we get people excited?”

AB: “Have you canceled white women yet? Can we secretly record your CEO in a private conversation and then release the call in a promo video teasing the activation date? Does your CEO have a toxic relationship with his baby mama? Livestream the police at his front door kicking her out and giving his kid’s clothes to the cops.”

Honestly, him trolling his baby mama, calling himself the GOAT, and his boy telling him to get off social media feels like we’ve really lost AB. I thought he had a bunch of ‘yes’ men around him putting bad decisions in his mind, and he probably does, but this feels now like it’s 98% on him. How does nobody have the passwords to his social media accounts? Change the password from ‘GOATAB84’ to ‘goatab84’ and there’s no chance he’ll ever figure it out. I mean it hasn’t even been a month since the Robert Kraft apology and I feel like that was lightyears ago.


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