Oskar Lindblom Diagnosed with Cancer

It was announced late Friday night that Oskar Lindblom will not be making a return to the Flyers lineup for the rest of the season. This is completely heart shattering for Flyers, and hockey fans in general. Oskar has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. This is a rare cancer that grows in your bones and soft tissue around your bones. This is typical in younger people, and Oskar being a month younger then me, he defiantly is young.

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The Flyers put out this heartwarming message, showing full support for their young star. The team has of course asked for Oskar and his family to have some privacy while dealing with this matter. On a lighter note, Oskar will be receiving some of the best care you could imagine. The University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, discovered the cancer. They are also one of the leaders in the country for cancer research.

We are all behind Oskar, and hope that he has a speedy and healthy recovery.

We are all fighting for Oskar.

-Branded Mitch

Flyers Message

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