This Video Of A Guy Flying A Broom Broke My Brain

I feel like Mikey Day from those David Blaine videos in pre-historic YouTube days.

In the first shot this guy looks like he’s riding the Nimbus 3000 all willy nilly like he’s trying out for the high school Quidditch team. But I knew there was something fishy. You’re going to have to wake up a lot earlier than that to get one by me. My brain was completely broken though when he turned and we saw the other side of his body and it looked like he was actually flying. But I knew something had to be up.

And then we had the big reveal.

Mirrors duh. But we see both sides of this guy riding/flying on the broom. Why did we never see his skateboard? I don’t know. I feel like I have to take a nap after this one.

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