Nick Cannon Dropped An Eminem Diss Track And It’s Hot Garbage

First off, Nick only does one verse of the entire song. If you’re going to claim it’s your diss track, you have to do at least two verses right? And the verse he does do, is just plain trash.

I don’t understand why anyone tries to rap battle Eminem. There is an entire movie on why that’s a bad idea. And in case Nick has forgotten, the warning shot is still out there. That song was released like 10 years ago. So Nick Cannon had an entire decade to prepare a retaliation, his words not mine, and this is what he puts together? I mean Eminem’s going to kill him. Maybe not literally, or maybe, I don’t know. But he can do one million times better on a whim on a slow Tuesday than this garbage.

So RIP Nick Cannon, I actually totally forgot about you until today. I assume that there’s a new season of wildin out getting ready to drop and that’s why you decided to do this. Because if not, you’re a crazy person. Does anyone remember that show 1000 ways to die? Because I’m pretty sure challenging Eminem to a rap battle was one of them.

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