Is The Irishman Worth Four Hours Of Your Life?


Expect spoilers.

No, no it’s not. Don’t get me wrong the movie is fine. It’s not dogshit like everything else it is just fine. Most of my complaints are the same as everyone else’s but through all of the complaints everyone I saw still said that it was a good/great movie that they would recommend and I completely disagree.

I think there were some aspects of the movie I wish they dove deeper into and parts that felt like they spent time on just to make the movie longer. Frank Irish doing jobs for the mob, interesting. Frank Irish going back and forth between the mob and Hoffa 48 times not interesting. I mean they had De Niro be a glorified messenger for half the movie using basically the same scenes to do it. The story telling was there but by the time the movie was over I don’t think I cared about the story. I think there was an interesting movie to be made with Hoffa and the mob but this wasn’t the movie. I think there’s an interesting movie with Frank Irish to be made but this wasn’t it.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a bad movie at all but it just gets repetitive and honestly just boring at times. The mob/Hoffa and JFK angle was right there and they just mentioned it a little bit. They have mobsters admitting to getting JFK elected and assassinating him and that was barely even brought up. Like I doubt it’s true but it’s the Kennedys and the mob anything is possible and I’m ready to listen.

I know this isn’t an original thought either but it felt weird for Alfredo Pacino to be a mick who hates Italians. We all hate Italians but Jesus this Hoffa guy was not a fan.

I think Im also annoyed because you hear the cast and you see who the director is and before the movie is released it’s being talked about for all sorts of awards and it’s just not that good. I think Pacino did some great acting but I think his character was bad at times, honestly a forgettable performance by some top notch actors. It’ll win awards off the strength of everyone’s names but it didn’t earn any.

I’m not a big movie critic guy, I didn’t have much expectations going into the movie either. I mean I thought De Niro was playing Jimmy Hoffa for the first like ten minutes of the movie. This is one of the few times I avoided spoilers and I didn’t need to, it was a fine movie but not great not even good just fine.


Everyone is making fun of this scene but I mean come on. This is one of the worst things I have ever seen in a movie and grew up watching shitty 80s horror movies.

Like who the fuck approved this?

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