I Single-Handedly Saved The Eagles Season

I wrote the blog below when the Eagles were down 17-3. I was going to go full spin zone on what looked like an easy loss. Then the eagles woke up and scored 20 unanswered points. So it’s clear that I jinxed them into winning the game last night. You’re welcome Philadelphia, we’re still alive.

Original Title: Eagles Destroyed The Giants Last Night

Yup, you read that headline right. Eagles took the Giants to the woodshed last night. The scoreboard might make you think that I don’t understand football or basic math. That’s because you have a small pea brain and I’m a borderline genius. You see here’s the thing. The Giants have an all world running back in Barkley. He is a guy that you can build a franchise around. Pair that with a young, up and coming QB in Danny Dimes and you’re looking at a strong offense in the works. Only thing the Giants really need to make themselves a threat for years to come is get an elite pass rusher. Maybe like a Chase Young from Ohio State???

The kid is talked about as a better prospect than Nick Bosa. That is what I would consider a can’t miss talent. So what did the Eagles do, took them right out of the Chase Young sweepstakes. Entering last night the Giants were second in the projected draft order. Eagles recognized a threat and eliminated it. Go out in front of your home crowd with the division on the line and lay a fat egg. They’ll never see it coming. Kick the Giants right out of the top 3 spots. Doug is playing chess while the rest of the NFC East is playing checkers.

And if you think it’s going to stop with New York you must not be paying attention. Redskins are up next week and they sure could use Jerry Jeudy or Georgia stud Andrew Thomas. Good luck Washington. Hard to lose games when Doug is on the other sideline throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 12. The tank is on in Philadelphia and if the Sixers taught us anything it is to get excited for the future. It’s bright and far away.

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