Eagles Win Their First Game Since The Bye Week

Fuck it just pay all the backup receivers and Boston Scott at least they looked like they wanted to at least be on the field. It wasn’t pretty but a team of Carson Wentz and a bunch of guys that don’t have pictures on the team website won. Trailing 17-3 most of the game Carson Wentz led an Elway/Brady/Montana like comeback for the ages. It was against the 2-10 Giants, but a wins a win. He went 33/50 and had 325 yds and 2 TDs without his top two receivers, right tackle, a QB turned WR, undrafted FA, and a practice squad RB.

At one point I was ready to send the Eagles to the Big 10. Five straight drives of three and out and a total of 25 yards is right up Rutgers’ level of quality.

This defense looks like they all go through different position drills during the week. And not defensive ones. Eli Manning looked like he was in some cryogenic chamber for the last 9 weeks ready for one last fuck you to the Philadelphia Eagles. If you told me Darius Slayton was the greatest wide receiver ever in the 1st half I wouldn’t have been able to argue with you. Luckily the defense, read front seven, picked it up in the 2nd half. If Josh Sweat didn’t get to Eli Manning on this flea flicker the defense would’ve been burned by the third trick play of the season.

Good to see Sidney Jones made it back off the milk carton to make the biggest play of the game.

Spoiler alert: This team isn’t good, but damn it they’re still in it. Tied for first at 6-7. Our wide receivers gained 100 yards combined. The defense stinks to hell. The carcass of Eli Manning took us to overtime. Boston Scott and Josh Perkins just earned contracts. Carson Wentz is elite! Redskins next Sunday in front of a mostly Eagles crowd to get back to .500.

I blame it on Doug’s hat. That hat stinks out loud. Someone from DSGN Tree needs to corner the hat market in Philly stat. If Michael Rubin is trotting out that low level shit, there’s an opportunity to sneak in there. Doug looks like 2011 Bam Margera with the emo beanie.

Fly Eagles Fly