Can’t We Just Keep Gostisbehere?

Intern Mitch

I said a few weeks ago that this whole healthy scratch thing was just a way to get Ghost’s engine running again, and I was right. Since being held out of the lineup for 3 games Ghost has put up 4 points in 6 games. Could be more but the Flyers power-play has been nonexistent.

But now what is this we are hearing about Ghost going to Vegas? Wasn’t he just going to Montreal? Why can’t he just stay here? Yesterday it was reported by Lets Go Flyers that Jesse Granger of The Athletic mentioned that Shayne Gostisbehere is a top trade target for the Golden Knights, but as of right now the Flyers asking price is way to high. The Flyers would be asking for one of Vegas’s top 7 forwards, like Alex Tuch or William Karlsson. I would love to see either of them in the orange and black but I feel like it just causes another problem.

Let us say they trade Ghost one for one for Alex Tuch right now, 9am 12/10/2019, and slots into the top 6. Then TK comes back from his concussion, and then Nolan Patrick and his doctors figure out the migraine problems. Now what do you? Someone has to sit or go to LVP, and it would have to be one of the 2-Way players, no one wants that.

Just. Keep. Ghost. What is wrong with having multiple serviceable NHL defensemen? Two years from now you could be looking at a Flyers D-core thats made entirely of Flyers draft picks. Gostisbehere, Provorov, Sanhiem, Myers (wasn’t a draft picks, but wasn’t drafted y anyone else), Cam York, and take your pick of Hagg, Morin, or Friedman. Plus hes only 26 on a extremely team friendly contract! If you trade him between now and the deadline, the Flyers will miss him come playoff.

-Branded Mitch

Source- Lets Go Flyers

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