The New Marvel Movie With Kanye As The Silver Surfer Looks Interesting

silver surfer ye.jpg

I have to say Kanye wouldn’t have been my first choice to cast as the Silver Surfer in the new Fantastic Four re-boot, but that’s why I sit in Philly and not Hollywood. The execs over at Marvel know how to blow out the big budget films to milk them for all their worth and I’ll be first in line to see Pillsbury Dough Boy Kanye ride around on a CGI’d silver surfboard.

It looks like Kanye’s been huffing a little paint with Charlie Kelly trying to write his own Dayman musical.


Supposedly this is actually for his new opera named Mary, about the birth of Jesus. Can we just have crazy rant Kanye back? I’m not excited for Holy Kanye. Jesus Is King had like one bop on it and I honestly haven’t listened to it since it released. Give me running up on stage drinking Henny, Balmain pants wearing, Illuminati Kanye back. Polos and backpack Kanye. Now he’s all holy and shit performing a Coachella music festival in the desert every Sunday. He’s taking TVs out of kid’s rooms. 70 year olds are claiming he took their girlfriend. Him and Joel Osteen are teaming up for a show at Yankee Stadium like he’s on a tour for Watch the Throne 2 with Jay Z. Homeless Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco statue performance artist Kanye is not it at the moment.



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