Patriots Fans So Desperate For A Win, They Start Fighting Each Other. Sad

Sad to see the greatest dynasty in sports history resorting to this type of animal behavior after a week 14 loss. Going into this game it felt like the Pats were ready to make a real statement to all the idiots saying they are cooked. Unfortunately for people that can’t correctly pronounce some pretty basic words, they couldn’t pull it off. Listen, no one wants to ever go to Foxsboro in January but if you have to, this might be the year to go. This New England team is not what the league is use to and all the Max Kellermans are going to be running around with a huge “Pats are dead” erection all week.

Pats aren’t dead, they are never pout of it until the season is over but this is a beautiful thing to see. I mean Philly is having a trash year and we are classically a more angry bunch. Yet it’s Boston tossing haymakers into each other’s faces. See we band together when we’re frustrated and take it out on outsiders. Patriots fans are so angry and confused they are handing out beat downs to each other. Like Pikichu that was hit a ‘Confusion’ attack from a Butterfree. They think they are damaging the enemy but actually hurting themselves. Sad.

Get well soon New England

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