Jaylen Brown Calling His Teammate ‘Ben Simmons’ Cause He Hadn’t Made A Three All Season Is The Gas We Need On The Celtics/Sixers Rivalry


Notable bad teammate Jaylen Brown just making fun of his rookie. Maybe it wasn’t all just Kyrie last year. Meanie guy Jaylen cratering a guy who they’re gonna need in the playoffs confidence in December. New record for him.

Jaylen Brown thinks he wants that smoke huh? Celtics feeling high and mighty because they’re number 1 in the conference before Christmas? Everyone knows the NBA doesn’t start until Christmas Day. Jaylen Brown should be embarrassed he’s not even top-50 in 3P%.

Does he forget the first game of the season? Guy couldn’t even stay on the court. He had 4 fouls in the first half. He couldn’t keep up with the same Ben Simmons who had 24/9/8 that night. The Celtics didn’t even get off the plane.

This is great though we needed more gas poured on this rivalry. It was getting a little boring just continuously bludgeoning teams night in and night out. Thursday is going to be fun. Hope Jaylen is able to participate this time around.

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