Peloton Lady From The Top Rope With This Follow Up Commercial For Aviation Gin

Earlier this week, the Peloton holiday ad depicting an attractive enough woman suffering through virtual military torture working out in her home all the time made waves on the Internet. These were my exact words for the Peloton lady just 24 hours ago:

But after Ryan Reynolds of all people released this follow up ad for his Aviation Gin, I am ready to declare the Peloton lady an official bad bitch.

Just a master class in reactive marketing. Now I am ride or die for the Peloton lady. She can’t be that loyal or take a fucking exercise bike so seriously to follow up with a breakthrough performance like this one. She probably didn’t even do it for the money. Sure, if Ryan Reynolds asks you to do something, you do it, but no one comes out of this better than Peloton lady.

Her husband was probably fucking some yoga instructor so he bought her a bike to keep her out of the gym anyways. I bet he’s been making her eat keto for 3 years, travels all week for work and goes golfing every weekend. That’s the only reason you turn to gin like that. People that have Peloton’s don’t drink gin martinis.

I’d watch a full length movie about the Peloton lady. Now I need to know exactly what happened with her husband. Is she going to bring the bike to her new place? Is she on any medication for this? Her eyes always look super watery. Is she ok?

The minute she takes over for Flo the Progressive lady it’s over.


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