Friday Afternoon Time Waster – Lenny Dykstra On Artie Lange’s Halfway House


It’s 3:30 on a Friday and you’re counting down the minutes before you can give a nice fuck you to everyone in your department until you have to see them again on Monday. If you have to work until 5 today – quit. If you’re in class trying to get through a lecture, stick an AirPod in, and if you have to work past 5pm honestly quit because no one should be wasting their life away at that hell hole.

In honor of the greatest 45 minute interview Lenny Dykstra has ever given today with Joe & Kmess. Here’s an hour plus of Lenny on Artie Lange’s podcast ‘Artie Lange’s Halfway House’. Plug those headphones in, turn up your radio, and tell the guy next to you who smells like his egg salad lunch to fuck off. Let’s get you to the finish line so you can finally chug some beers with your buddies all weekend.

If this doesn’t get you through the rest of your workday you could always re-watch Lenny’s interview with Joe & Kmess again.

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