SUSPEND LEBRON JAMES INDEFINITELY! He’s Sliding Around The Court In His Socks

Have some GodDamn respect NBA! LeBron James is standing on the court two feet from the basket IN HIS SOCKS! Waving a towel in a Jazz player’s face. There has to be some imaginary line instituted on the baseline a bench player can’t go across. LeBron James just checked himself into the game with no shoes on! Fine this man a game check! Adam Silver have some decency for your league! You’re already losing millions of dollars because of the China shenanigans and now you’ve got LeBron dancing and waving a towel in opponent’s faces.

He’s drunk with power off of wine just slanging his sock sliding dick all over the NBA. The blatant disrespect for the sanctimonious fashion of the league is otherworldly. And who wants to smell some guys feet after playing 30 minutes in a basketball game. Put some shoes on you crazy person. I can’t even smell my own man must after two games to 11 fullcourt. I can smell the calloused feet and bunion flesh through my computer. LeBron is treating the floor like it’s his driveway and it’s despicable. Something must be done about LeBron James.

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