I Love A Mic’d Up Kevin Hayes, and You Should Too.


Kevin Hayes arrival to Philadelphia was one of the most exciting hockey moves in recent memory. It was actually the second article I wrote for Branded Sports so that’s exciting. I personally felt at first that he was totally overpaid, and the rumors that he only came here for that reason didn’t help.

Kevin Hayes is now 28 games into his first season with the Flyers, and I am so glad he is here. This video recently came out from the Flyers Hockey Fights Cancer night. Boy, this man fits in well in Philly, and you though Travis Konecny could talk. Wolf. I have the YouTube clip because the NHL video service leave something to be desired.

The fact he has a nickname for everyone on the team is amazing. I could listen to him say Carter Hart in a Boston accent all day, I might even make it my ringtone. Not a fan of the nickname Sanny but it is what it is. The video was good but became amazing when the Flyers decided they needed to make a mini compilation of him dropping the F-Bomb for about 15 seconds. Best 15 second of my life.

To close out this love note. The greatest thing ever was Hayes telling Referees how to Ref because he at one point was a Referee. Same Hayes. Shit drives me nuts.

Kevin, Buddy, please get some cool pictures of you in a Flyers jersey. It’s all Rangers and Jets and we can’t have that anymore.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Image- Concord Monitor

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