The Lakers Should Have To Give Up Draft Picks For Collusion


What in the fuck was that? The ref was staring right at LeBron and acted like he was making a simple crossover.

bron bron trave.png

It’s not enough that the league handed LeBron and the Lakers the easiest strength of schedule before Christmas to ease Bron Bron into the season or that Anthony Davis forced his way to LA. Now they’re blatantly disregarding the rules of the game. I want an investigation. I want draft picks being forfeited, and LeBron to lose out on endorsement deals so much they have to lock up Space Jam 2 forever. I want the 1982 NBA Title stripped and given to the Sixers where it rightfully belonged. If we’re teaching our children that cheating is fair then the whole NBA should start doing it. I want Joel Embiid to start sticking his hand through the net so jump shots are rendered null. Ben Simmons should be allowed to getting a running start to the basket because no one can stop that freight train. Al Horford and Furkan Korkmasz should be buddying up on steroid cycles.

Rough two nights for officiating in the NBA. They let LeBron cheat his way to win and steal one from the Rockets after deciding James Harden’s dunk was a miss which ended up costing the Rockets a win.

The fact the ref’s thought that was a miss is hilarious. Anyone with half of a good eye would call that a bucket. But the thing is this LeBron chicanery has been going on for his whole career. There’s a whole 6 minute compilation on his travels. More like “The walKING” amirite?!

I’ll see myself out.



Referee’s have to be stopped to keep the level of competition fair and balanced. There is money riding on these games and I’d hate for the league office to receive an anonymous letter about ref’s gambling on games again.


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