Stephon Gilmore Is The Best Defensive Player On And Off The Field With This Clapback On Deandre Hopkins

Even if you don’t want to admit the Patriots defense is historic, you have to acknowledge that Stephon Gilmore is the best cornerback in the NFL. There’s no longer a debate I’d entertain listening to. It should really go down as one of Bill Belichick’s best personnel decisions of all time. If you think the negativity is at an all time high right now, you should have been there when Belichick paid Gilmore over Malcolm Butler in 2017.

Gilmore usually lets his play speak for itself but this year he has been dropping some hammers after the games that you have no choice but to take on the chin. A few weeks ago he called Zach Ertz a crybaby, said he had “fun” shutting down Amari Cooper, and last week was faced with the challenge of Deandre Hopkins who went 5 for 8 for 64 yards. After the game he went on Instagram to brag about those 64 yards with a series of photos of Stephon Gilmore fighting for his life on a play he probably wasn’t even responsible for covering.

I think if Hopkins used the caption with a different pic or that pic with a different caption, Gilmore goes back about his life. But the combination of using that series of photos with that caption had Gilmore firing up the ol’ Twitter machine to respond like a true star athlete.

Not only are you not catching any deep passes on Stephon Gilmore, you’re not going to get your post game Instagram flex off either. Also just saying there were at least 35 comments from other verified athletes on Instagram just saying stuff like “go get em bruh” and the bicep emoji. It must be some sort of athlete code on social media, you have to leave a certain amount of encouraging comments per week.

There is absolutely no denying who or what Gilmore is talking about and that’s why he’s the best in the biz. He doesn’t subtweet like I bet Marcus Peters and Jalen Ramsey would do. Absolutely body bagging Hopkins in this Internet battle. I’m sure if you went back and looked at the film Gilmore is right and Deandre Hopkins has to know that.

Besides, Gilmore doesn’t even have to say any more, Patriots stats nerds will do it for him.


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