Man Gets Handed The Most Terrifying Note Ever On The Train


Just a masterpiece. Willy Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better himself. First off, I love the attitude behind it. Starts with a strong “Dude”, like bro let me help you out a little bit. Almost as if this guy minding his business on the train was somehow bothering this lunatic. Whether he was or not the crazy note guy has a point. You want to turn some heads, male or female, you toss some tight leather on and shake your shit.

The other part I can’t get over is the ending. “So there’s that.” What a bananas way to wrap up an unsolicited note. So there’s that. Cool buddy, no one asked about what you like to do to get attention. Did I want to know you prance around Boston in a wig and hot pants to get noticed? No, no I did not. Don’t hit with a “so there’s that” like it’s no big deal. I mean it, this is the most terrifying note you can possibly receive. Someone hands you a note saying they are following you or something just means they are probably going to kill you. This person gets their hands on you and they aren’t killing you. They are keeping you.

So hopefully this guy is safe and everyone please be on the look out for a man in tight leather and wig prancing around the Boston area. He isn’t armed but he is extremely dangerous and possibly horny. Worst combo out there.

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