There Is A Petition Demanding The Eagles Walk Home From Miami…….I Signed

Link to petition

Yesterday was one of the worst loses in recent memory. Honestly, probably the worst since the NFC Championship game vs Tampa Bay in 03. First off, you can’t lose to Miami for any reason what so ever. They are a joke of a team this year and while I don’t think they are activity trying to tank, they stink out loud. Secondly, you definitely can’t lose to them when you’re up 28-14. You shouldn’t lose to many teams at all when you’re up two scores in the third quarter. Especially squads led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. But yet some how the Eagles found a to break our hearts into little tiny pieces.

Now you ad in the fact they let a punter throw a touchdown pass to a kicker and yup, walk your asses home.

Just the most disrespectful thing you can do to another team. Not only should they have to walk home, they should have to give the Dolphins players their shoes before hand. On top of that, bag the season. It’s over. Even if the Eagles make the playoffs they are going to get stomped to death if they have to go to New Orleans or San Fran. We tried hard, we failed hard. On to next year.

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