The Four Scenarios The Eagles Can Make The Playoffs

The fact that the Eagles still control their own destiny is wild and frankly sad. Here they are, the four scenarios the Eagles can make the playoffs.


No surprise it all comes down to the division and week 16 vs Dallas is basically a must win. No way the Cowboys go 1-3 down the stretch. They aren’t good but they are too good for 1-3. One advantage (we thought) the Eagles have is they have a much easier schedule. A Thursday night match up for Dallas this week in Chicago could definitely be a loss for them. Bears are 6-6 and still believe that they can make a playoff push. And if the Cowboys do drop the Chicago game they will be feeling the pressure having to host the Rams the following week. Either way I think they drop one of those two.

If the Eagles take care of business, which at this point who the hell knows, against the Giants and Redskins. Both teams will enter the game 7-7 and playing for any shot of winning the division. Honestly though with how this season is going, the NFC East should forfeit their playoff spot. Give it to a team that actually deserves it. The fact that one of these sad excuses for a squad will host a playoff game is insane. That rule needs to be changed right away.

God is it Tuesday yet? This is the worst Monday of the year being back from Thanksgiving break. Add in that loss to the Dolphins and I need this week to wrap up already.

Featured Image: Pro Football Talk

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