Terrelle Pryor’s Girlfriend Smirked in Her Mugshot After Stabbing Him


“She did that shit. Guilty as fuck” -50 Cent

This is the face of a woman who has absolutely no remorse that she stabbed her boyfriend and almost caused him to bleed out.

Shalaya Briston, the woman taking a mugshot like a senior picture, has been dating Terrelle Pryor for about a year. Well, until this past Saturday when they both were arrested after a melee in their apartment living room.

Free agent NFL receiver, Terrelle Pryor was charged with simple assault. While his girlfriend, Briston, was charged with attempted homicide and has had her bail denied.

According to TMZ, witnesses said that Pryor has a grim history of putting his hands on the woman pictured. One witness said, “we should have just let him die there”.

Turns out, around the holidays, those Hallmark movie endings are completely full of shit.


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