Dolphins Players Were Openly Laughing at the Eagles Yesterday

There’s being a sad sack pathetic excuse for a piece of shit, embarrassment of a football team…and then there’s the Philadelphia Eagles. In the aftermath Of the loss to the Dolphins, a Miami reporter caught something that made the defeat even worse a day later.

The 2-9 Dolphins were openly laughing at the Eagles. They are laughing at our team while simultaneously tanking their season. And NOBODY on the Eagles is doing a damn thing about it. There’s no one even jawing back in that video. There’s no fight, there’s no energy. I guess they were too busy fishing for Pro Bowl votes (Jalen Mills) and shooting VISA commercials (Zach Ertz).
Yesterday’s loss hurts more than any other this season because of shit like that video. The Eagles didn’t lose because of a sheer lack of talent. The lost because the Dolphins played harder, and wanted it more. The way the camera crew caught Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mike Gesicki laughing and communicating yesterday, you would’ve thought Miami was the team competing to be tied for first place in their division.
What an embarrassing loss.
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