Antonio Brown Still Wants To Be On The Pats

The Patriots continue their offensive struggles and are officially in second place in the AFC. Not going to lie having to go to Baltimore on the way to the Super Bowl is NOT what we want to do. Can the Pats win? Of course. A nice snowy day at Gillette would make me feel a lot better about playing the MVP.

The offensive line has been better, the running game has had its moments. The play calling has been atrocious, we should shoot McDaniels to the fucking moon. Brady hasn’t looked good in weeks, he’s missing easy passes but in his defense I might be a better receiving option at this point. And this is where AB comes into the mix.

Brady has continued to like his IG posts and the legal trouble has been silent for weeks. I hate hate hate this situation. Either he’s a complete piece of garbage or just living a nightmare.

I’m not here for the hot takes, I’m not going to say the Pats are done, I mean at least we didn’t lose to the Dolphins. I will say we need to figure something out. Bringing AB back might be the play, I don’t know man but I know if every team doubles Edelman we are going to have a shitty winter.

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