We’ve Got A Shirt Off Between The Steelers & Browns

Nothing these eyes love to see more than a good old fashioned petty wars! We’ve got a fit off between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers for supremacy of better graphic tee.

It all started when Freddie Kitchens was photographed wearing a “Pittsburgh Started It” shirt on Friday.

That set off a quick order to DSGN Tree to get these bad boys printed in time for the pre-game. Quick plug DSGN Tree is 20% off site wide with Promo Code: BLACKFRIDAY all weekend! 

We had subtle ‘Free Pouncey’ shirts for the suspended center.

ski mask shirt

Cam Sutton though took it to a whole nother level depicting the favorite bumper sticker of F-150 owners.

cleve.steel shirt

Jarvis Landry was direct and to the point.

jarvis shirt

And then Freddie Kitchens showed up looking like your local 76 Union lawyer. That button is fighting the toughest battle off the field today.

fred kitch.jpeg

Ben limped his way to the locker room with no dog in the fight. Just mad that his wife had to pry a turkey bone from his mouth this morning and remind him he had to be at the game. There were scenes in Green Mile involving walking down a tunnel that were less sad.

This game is going to be shaping up to be a beauty today and will get prime positioning on the 2nd TV.

We’ve already got extra Special Crime Unit officers called in for the game in case of unruly fans. Don’t know what they’re worried about.


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