The Eagles Just Lost To The 2-9 Dolphins

This goes without saying but that was an unspeakable performance from the Eagles in all aspects of the game. The QB has the delicate touch of a back hoe. The wide receivers catch as consistent as your weed dealer is on time. And the defense played like they were about to commit a mutiny against Jim Schwartz. I’m happy they lost because now I don’t need to get my hopes up that this team was ever for real or could ever make a run. Good teams blow out the Dolphins squad. Teams that could maybe make a run come playoff time let it stay close then end up winning by two touchdowns late. What we have here is a team that needs an overhaul from top to bottom on offense and defense.

How many times is Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby going to get torched by DeVante Parker? DeVante Parker has never ever been good! I know. I’ve drafted DeVante Parker for the last 4 seasons in fantasy football waiting for his break out year. Guess what, he’s never had a break out year. He’s ‘Mossing’ DB’s like he’s a top wide receiver in the NFL!

I don’t know what to think of Carson Wentz and I’m not willing to make an assumption yet. I’ve got one side telling me he is elite and it’s the receivers who can’t run routes and then he shoots an easy touch pass 5 yards over their head that I watch Lamar Jackson make every Sunday. Then I have the Anti-Wentzers telling me he’s garbage and his 2017 season was all a fluke, but I saw some special plays during that season that you’d be dum to give up on him 2 years later.

Let’s say this. He’s regressed to the mean. He needs to be challenged consistently and he needs good and innovative coaching around him. Just like Ryan Finley needs good coaching and Tom Brady needs good coaching.

Why not call a timeout here on this 4th & Goal play? They showed you their formation and you have two timeouts and if you stop them you have 4+ min to drive the ball before the half; where you get the ball to start.

Well because Doug and team supposedly practiced for it during the week?

No one accounted for the Kicker getting wide open? Or practice how they should attack the ball carrier on that play?

I understand there is some level of professionalism where you can’t come out and just blatantly say this team sucks out loud, but the Dolphins are exactly that. Doug man, speak your mind and the fanbase will back you up for the truth. The Dolphins ranked 32nd in Defensive and Offensive DVOA. You know the stats. You watch the film. You know they’re a bad team. Don’t come out and say multiple times that this team is good.

I give the Eagles a long leash, especially present day since most of these guys delivered the single best moment of my young life, but this is the end. I don’t know how you cannot let go of Schwartz and completely overhaul the offensive coaching staff (minus Deuce). The draft has been abysmal over the last couple of years. There needs to be a shake-up and some kind of soul searching or we’re going to waste the young core this team has.

P.S. We already have petitions calling for the Eagles to walk home, which in any other circumstance I would think is aggressive. But this one seems logical.

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 5.41.31 PM.png

P.P.S. Chill the fuck out, Ron H.

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