The Dolphins Just Recreated the Colts Fake Punt Play From 2015 But It Worked

Remember that infamous fake punt play on 4th down by the Colts against the Patriots on Sunday Night Football? Some people call it the worst play-call in NFL history. Some also say that’s the exact time Andrew Luck knew he was going to retire.

Well the 2-9 Dolphins just completed it to absolute perfection. Brian Flores was coaching the Patriots that night and put that one in the back pocket to use 4 years later.

Side note: That might be the worst route ever taken to the ball carrier by Genard Avery. If you would’ve told me the punter was going to have a higher QB rating then Ryan Fitzpatrick…well I might’ve believed that. But we have the fucking punter throwing touchdowns to the kicker?? We’re losing to the Dolphins? A team that is trying to lose? You can’t make the shit up on how this team finds ways to lose weekly.

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