Jeff The Bengals Fan Protesting By Living On The Roof Of His Bar Is Coming Home!!!

I’ve been tracking the life and updates from Jeff Lanham longer than anyone was following that stupid pregnant goat. Back in early October, Bengals fan Jeff vowed to live on the roof of his bar, away from his wonderful wife, where he was equipped with proper bedding, a Campbell’s soup sponsorship and all streaming platforms until the Bengals won a football game.

“Basically I said something, and now I gotta eat my words. I didn’t bet nobody anything,” Lanham said.

Absolutely no one was holding Jeff to this statement, but he’s a man of his word that Jeff.

He has been suffering through the aforementioned conditions through 12 weeks of misery with free beer and food for 3 months, until today, when the New York Jets came into town and did what the Jets do best. Sam Darnold certainly cannot be the AFC East QB of the future if he can’t beat the 0-11 Bengals.

But to put the attention back on Jeff, we wait on baited breath for Jeff’s announcement that he is comfortable back at home with his lovely wife Chrissy who has been enjoying her nights at home watching Lifetime movies.

Something tells me Andy Dalton and the Bengals did this one for Jeff. Wanted to make sure he was home for the holidays, a real Christmas miracle. Unless Jeff decides he actually prefers living on the roof of his bar and him and Chrissy announce their divorce at the end of the season.


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