I Will Not Apologize For Making Joe’s Daughter Cry

I’d be lying if I said Joe’s daughters tears didn’t give me the final last bit of satisfaction I needed from Auburn kicking the piss out of Alabama today. She needs to know what it’s like to lose in her young life. As a Philly sports fan that’s how you’re baptized.

Furthermore Joe is forever indebted to me.

Hand me over the keys to the car baby! This is my company now! First order of business – Christmas Bonuses (and for Ali she gets hers paid out over 8 installments through Hanukkah).

Other new rules: Casual Friday’s, catered lunches, and Eddie has to live in a Bubble Boy suit in the office. Why? Because it will make me laugh and I now own this company.

I just put the kids to bed after reading them their favorite story and now I’m going to kick my feet up watch the Sixers win and call it a night. What a Saturday.

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