Texas Is Officially Dead. Sam Ehlinger Calls 7 Win Season Success

Whew, talk about not having a grip on reality. Does Sam Ehlinger think he plays for Texas State or Texas Tech? If they were 7-5 they’d be partying in the streets and retiring the whole roster’s jerseys. This is Texas. It’s Football, Faith, Family in that order. The burnt orange was once one of the scariest colors under the lights. They haven’t won the Big 12 in like 10 years. Vince Young feels like he was a made up character like Paul Bunyan or some shit. They haven’t been relevant in almost 20 years.

Sam Ehlinger deserves to have his stats scrubbed from the history books. Just a show of embarrassment especially when he declared Texas back after the Sugar Bowl.

Can’t feel good when your own AD is calling this season a disappointment in the next room over either. Yikes.

Send Texas to Conference USA.

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