Not A Great Look For The Union To Take Over Philadelphia Sports Supremacy

The Mascot game is a dog eat dog world. Not everyone can jump into action and immediately take over the city like Gritty did. Franklin is trying to still live up to the hype of a roided up bunny named Hip Hop.

hip hop.jpeg

It’s been a gutter war between the Phanatic and Gritty for Philadelphia mascot supremacy. I’m sorry but Fang isn’t going to cut it. Gritty wasn’t even performing for the camera and that reporter was leaking all over the parade trying to get him to notice her. This is what I expect happens if you have a famous friend and you’re both at the club in bottle service together. All eyes on him, you’re hitting on this 10, and she wants absolutely nothing to do with you. Just locked in on your boy.

What was the best moment Phang’s been apart of? Completing the embryonic process in front of a bunch of children?


Phang is George Lynch on the 2000 Philadelphia Sixers team. Consistent role player, does all the dirty work, but will never be an elite talent in this city. The litmus test is the Philly Tattoo guy. If you can’t make it on his belly then you’re probably not going to be remembered by the third string ABC6 reporter at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

tattoo guy.jpg

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