Dog Peeing Celebration Costs Ole Miss The Game Vs Miss St.

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You dummy. Imagine your teammate doing this and costing you a big time rivalry win. Cut him. Even if he was a 5 star starting quarterback, you have to get rid of him. Also, I hope and pray the kicker shanked that on purpose. He probably didn’t but I can dream. It’s the perfect scenario. Your teammate takes a boneheaded penalty to move the kick back 15 yards. No matter what you’re not important anymore. If you make the kick, great, no one cares. They’re just going to be talking about this guy that almost cost you the game. If you miss the kick, great no one cares. All they’re going to talk about is how this kid cost you the game. It’s the perfect time to shank it and let that kid catch all the heat. Kickers always take the blame. Time to spread the pain.

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