Ranking The Top 10 WORST Sports Uniforms Of All Time


Sports teams in 2019 are all about trying to connect with their younger audience. They are trying to be innovative on and off the field. One marketable way is imploring new uniforms that create revenue and a “buzz” for the team.

As we all have seen though, this can backfire in a huge way.

Here are the Top 10 WORST uniforms to ever see action in a game.

10) Dallas Mavericks – 2019 City Edition

via DanRiffle

The most recent entry into our list are these Fresh Prince of Bel-Air influenced Jerseys the Mavs tried to pull off last night. These should of been scrapped immediately.

9) Denver Broncos (2011) – 1960’s Throwback

20191127_035857.jpgvia Disciples of Alberto Riveron

There seems to be a trend in bad uniform colors as you’ll see throughout our list. Never, Ever, under any circumstance wear a Yellow & Brown uniform combination. EVER!

8) Jacksonville Jaguars – 2015 Color Rush


We all saw these a couple years ago, the “mustard” jerseys. Mustard is disgusting and doesn’t belong on your food, it certainly doesn’t belong on an NFL field.

7) Tambay Bay Buccaneers – 70’s-90’s

via Sports Illustrated

Doing a little research, it seems the NFL let these jerseys show up on and off for decades. These “Creamsicle” jerseys were a mistake from the jump, why did it take Tampa Bay so long to realize it? #AFloridaMan

6) Pittsburgh Pirates – 1999

Sports Illustrated

I’m not going to lie, I don’t necessarily hate the front of these uniforms, especially since they were only worn for one game. It is when you see the name and numbers on the back when this shot wayyy up this list.

5) Philadelphia Eagles (2007) – 1934 Throwback


Yikes. That pretty much sums these up.

4) San Diego Padres – 1970’s

via ForTheWin

The Padres are notorious for having terrible uniforms. We honestly could make a top 10 list just of their uni’s alone. These 1970’s jerseys are particularly awful however. Oh! And in case you liked the Padres wearing Brown, they’re bringing it back in 2020. GROSS.


3) Pittsburgh Steelers – 1934 Throwback

via The Come Back

You know we couldn’t forget the “Bumblebee” jerseys the Steelers wore. These honestly could of went 1,2 or 3 on this list. From the jerseys to the socks, these were a tough sight to see. Thankfully they retired these for good.

2) Green Bay Packers – 1932 Throwback

Ap Photo Jeffrey Phelps

I particularly loathe these Packers throwbacks. They look like something a 10-year old dodge ball team would wear. The colors don’t match, the jersey looks like a cheap t-shirt and those pants make me want to rip my eyes out.

1) Chicago White Sox – 1976

Getty Images

This is an obvious one. Baseball is not a sport meant to be played in shorts. Neither stylistically nor the functionality of these shorts ever made sense. I shouldbt have to explain why these are ranked #1 on the list.

To top it off, I can’t believe they even attempted to wear these again in 2015. I’m not sure which style is worse. Regardless this uniform is an atrocity that I can never get out of my head.

Chicago Tribune

There it is. My eyeballs are bleeding from this blog, I can’t bare to look at any more of this nonsense. If we missed any, let us know down below in the comments.


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