Jalen Mills Liking Anti-Carson Posts On IG Again

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So I saw this tweet from Eagles Nation when I got up this morning. I booked marked it and couldn’t find it. The orginal tweet seems to be deleted. No idea why Eagles Nation would delete the tweet unless they are scared of starting an issue with the team. Some blogs/sites don’t like to rock the boat in fear the team won’t like them or give them access. We clearly don’t give a shit. This is too interesting of a development to ignore. So shout out Michael for snagging a screen grab of this for us.

I understand Jalen Mills’ frustration, the defense has been playing really well the last couple weeks. Really since he returned and the offense has been blowing it. Carson isn’t 100% to blame but he’s missing easy throws that a franchise quarterback just has to make. The team is hanging on by a thread right now. They are about one arrest away from a full blown disaster. Don’t be surprised if they go to Miami and lose too. Too much fighting and off the field issues.

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