A Wild Subway-Thanksgiving Meal Tale


Filthy. That’s the only word in the English language that can begin to describe New York Subways.

The unrelenting urine odor alone is enough to make even R. Kellys stomach uneasy.

I couldn’t be persuaded to eat a piece of gum down there and yet these animals are setting up a full Thanksgiving Day feast.

The rats alone are bigger than most Thanksgiving Day Birds. Repulsive!

Hmm, a sweet apron wearing grandma fixing plates for the passengers. Turkey, multiple casseroles, mashed potatoes, stuffing, adult beverages, the whole works!

Well shit.

They do look like they are enjoying themselves, and the food does look pretty appetizing. The table does have a cloth over it so surely everyone’s superbly sanitized.

Screw it! I’m all in.

I planned on destroying these people, but who am I to judge?

As one passenger describes it


Grab me some gravy Grandma and pair it with some pumpkin pie! I hereby absolve these lovely people of their sins.