This Canadian Football Fan Gave Up Pants Until His Team Won The Grey Cup And When They Finally Did It Showed

Now I’ll give him this. The pressure of having to simply put on pants in front of thousands of people celebrating a championship and staring at you in anticipation after only wearing shorts for 18 years seems insurmountable. For sure I would get a foot caught in the wrong leg hole or something, but I imagined putting on pants was kind of like riding a bike, just muscle memory. But this guys legs just forgot completely the motion of putting pants on. He hasn’t bent at the knee like that in almost two decades.

It’s a beautiful moment though because all these people are Canadian so I bet Canadian twitter was so sweet about the whole like “oh don’t worry it’s alright you’ll get em next time Mr. Shorts Guy”. I always wonder if it’s just American twitter that’s a cesspool and if other people are just like kind and supportive but I bet Canadian twitter is just a warm and welcoming place. This guy becomes more lovable for not being able to put on pants correctly.

What a thing to give up. This is such a shorts guy move that I bet this guy is actually upset his team won because he had to put on pants. At some point it definitely turned from like a schtick to just a lifestyle of this guy not wearing pants. But if you’re going to make a bold statement such as no pants until my team wins, you better fucking put the pants on when they win. Canadian ESPN probably did a whole pregame special on this shorts guy. The team probably felt a little extra pressure to win to make this guy have to wear pants again. His coworkers have to be so fucking sick of this guy coming to work in his boxers in the middle of January.

What’s going to be his excuse now when he wants to throw in a pair of shorts on a Tuesday morning in the winter? He’s going to have to out himself as a shorts guy.

Now that this longstanding protest is finally over, it’s time to direct our full attention and support towards Bengals fan Jeff Lanham, living on the roof of his bar away from his probably lovely wife and warmth and comfort of his own home until the Bengals win a football game. The day Jeff has to pack his bags and sleep in his own bed at night is going to be a tough pill to swallow. Being a shorts guy is one thing but having to face your regular life is another.


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