I Would Just Like To Make Sure Everyone Saw These Aaron Rodgers Stats


All everyone wants in football is consistency in fairness on both sides. If you’re going to throw ticky tack pass interference calls, do it on both teams. Make up calls are fine with me, just make it even out on both sides.

So when I have to suffer through over 14 days of relentless criticism of Tom Brady specifically despite the fact that he has actually not looked bad or inaccurate this year if you actually watch football with your eyes, I just want to make sure people see these stats from Aaron Rodgers performance against the San Francisco 49ers. That’s it.

Anytime you break a record from 1950 it’s either a lifetime achievement or a disgusting embarrassment. I’m not saying anything about Aaron Rodgers, I’ll just let you be the judge what this one is.

That’s the problem in this case. Everyone is too scared to say anything critical against Aaron Rodgers. If he can cut out his entire family, there’s no telling what he’s capable of. It’s like the media is scared of him being a little grumpy at the podium and telling them to R-E-L-A-X that they just don’t bother.

Again, I’m not saying anything bad about Aaron Rodgers either, I just want to make sure people saw this in case they don’t necessarily always follow Next Gen Stats.

Aaron Rodgers has been in the league 15 years, he is 35 years old. Is he falling of the cliff? I’m not saying he is I’m just asking the question because no one else is. I mean I spent at least an hour and a half switching back and forth between Gameday Prime with Chris Rose’s bloated face and SportsCenter with SVP (I could only handle so much Ryan Clark) and I didn’t hear Aaron Rodgers’ performance mentioned one single time. So I just wanted to make sure we mentioned it.


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