I Talked To Leanna “Bumblebee” Cruz About Her Rough N Rowdy Fight

Rough N Rowdy was this past Friday and like a lot of Barstool fans I was introduced to Leanna “Bumblebee” Cruz at her weigh in on Thursday and what an introduction it was.

When it comes to RnR you never know who can actually fight and who is just some spaz but both of these girls can throw hands and it was one of the best actual boxing matches RnR has ever had. As you’ll see in the interview, Leanna thinks there was some home town cooking in favor of Vickie D and I don’t disagree but you decide for yourself.

Lets talk to Leanna. (Questions are in bold)

Q. I did some searching and found your Instagram and you’ve only been boxing for 4 months, what made you want to start?

A. I’ve honestly always enjoyed fighting and it used to be a big solution to my issues with other girls. I started because I felt like I was gonna be good at it because of my street fights.

Q. Before RnR how many official fights have you been in?

A. I’ve only been boxing for four months and I haven’t had any amateur fights. This could be considered technically my first amateur fight however I’ve been in a lot of street fights and only ever lost one.

Q. Personally I thought you won the fight vs Vickie did you ever get a reason why the judges gave her the win?

Personally I think it was rigged for her and regardless of what I brought to the table she was going to be the winner. Her coach worked the corner for multiple fighters and for the event. They didn’t expect me to be a boxer, and if I didn’t knock her down they were going to give her the win regardless. If you look at the highlights of the fight she doesn’t have any. I got out of the way for way too many punches and I think the judges didn’t respect my defense.

Q. I know you said you’d be down for a rematch if they came to Allentown, would you do a rematch at the next RnR in Miami?

A. I’d do a rematch anywhere except her hometown because clearly they were going to give her the win regardless. However if they choose to invite me to Miami, I’m asking for a longer fight. I think if we would’ve went longer, I would’ve knocked her down.

Q. Before you started boxing were you in school/working?

A. I’ve been out of school since 2017 but I’ve been working since I was about 13.

Q. Is boxing something you want to pursue as a career path or just a hobby for you?

A. My plan is to go Pro within the next year and a half.

Q. Aside from boxing what are you passionate about?

A. Money I fuckin love money… but also my family and my boyfriend. Anything I do I have to bring passion to it, I want to be the best in everything I do even if I don’t like it.

Q. Being from the area did you know Saquon when he was at Penn State? Or was his tweet completely random?

A. I actually grew up with him and I’ve known him since middle school. He always knew that I could fight, I’ve been scrappy since i was young. We both graduated from Whitehall too.

Q. How did you get the nickname Bumblebee?

A. A bumblebee represents personal power, brightness and community. I’m really social and it’s rare you’ll catch me without a smile on my face… it sounds cocky but I can bring light to any room I walk into because of my personality.

Q. What’s next for you? Training for the rematch or do you have other fights planned?

A. If Barstool doesn’t offer the rematch my next stop is going to be the Golden gloves in March.


After talking to Leanna she is a really cool person and is going to let us at Branded know when her next fight is, if it isn’t RnR 11 in Miami, so we can come support. The girl is super tough and her entire Twitter timeline is her retweeting Barstool staff and fans saying she was robbed and I love that energy.

I asked her if she had any shout outs and this is what she had to say.

I’d like to take the time to shout out my family. Like my brothers and my dad.. My CRUZ tribe! I’d like to shout out my boyfriend who supported me from the moment I began boxing. I’d like to shout out SHIPPENSBURG University Football team and my dog, Shiloh!

Shout out to my gym and my coaches, I wouldn’t be the boxer I am today without all my teammates and influences there. #showstoppers

Hopefully we get Bumblebee vs Vicious Vickie Part 2 at RnR 11 and I think everyone wants to see them go at least 5 rounds next time.






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