Selena Gomez Delivered The Drunk Performance Of A Lifetime At The AMAs

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Look at this booze hound slurring her way through her new hit song to open up the American Music Awards! She regrets writing the lyrics with words that end in ‘s’. No hiding the couple glasses of wine and shots you did backstage before coming to perform. And everyone that wants to say it sounded fine live, miss me with that bullshit. She gave a F- performance in her next song too, blatantly disrespecting the choreography!

She’s moving like some singing Monstars took all of her powers. Flubber has more control of it’s limbs than Selena after 6 shots of Rumplemintz. She looks like you’re Uncle Jim at a wedding when Hey Ya! comes on. Wahh Wahhhhhhhh. Bieber broke up with me and I haven’t been able to get over it for 10 years. Wahhhhhhh! Move on hunny the Biebs is married to Lionel Richie’s daughter. He ditched ya for someone younger and hotter. That’s life.

Oh and for the rumors about her having an anxiety attack before going on stage? Grow up. If she’s going to be having anxiety attacks before performing every time maybe she’s in the wrong line of work. Take up carpentry or get a job in sales. Much less heart pounding. If my fingers cramped up to the point I was incapable of typing every time I had to write a blog, I wouldn’t be in the blogging business now would I? Nope. But thanks for confirming your sources @cokeringz. All hail @cokeringz for confirming Selena has anxiety. You poll 10 people on the street 9 of ’em are going to come back with some form of anxiety. Suck it @cokeringz.


I’m going to need Selena to go on a Britney Spears size collapse. I don’t need just head shaving, I need her shaving her head, attacking reporters, threatening to jump off of her 15th story balcony until the Biebs has to fly in to calm her down. If you’re going to go nuts in 2019 you have to go full nutso. Demi Lovato had to be brought back by Narcann from an overdose like she was Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. It’s all about the clout.

Oh yea and Taylor Swift with the fake ‘support’ of a performer trick needed to end 5 years ago.

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Eva J.
Eva J.
November 27, 2019 12:24 pm

Finally. Someone who hasn’t been bought off by her team or after artists access tells the truth.

November 27, 2019 12:26 pm

Bieber is married to a Baldwin not a Richie. Correct that line in your post and delete my comment here pointing that to you here. Great post otherwise btw. Sick of the media constantly covering up for this talentless whiner.

December 12, 2019 1:34 pm

LOL you don’t even know what you are taking about. Her and Bieber were together right before her was married, not very long ago. And you might wanna check your facts, he is married to Hailey Baldwin. I couldn’t even begin to take your blog seriously because your grammar and punctuation are bad lol!!! Yikes

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