Top 10 TV Characters of All-Time

Ladies gentlemen… People love lists. And I am here to give the people what they want. I have done a bunch of Top 10’s in the past and I am here to tell you there are a lot more coming.

So, I was thinking yesterday… Hmm, what would be a really hard Top 10 ranking to do that would cause a lot of talk, and chances are no matter what I said… People would argue about it.

TV characters. Something a lot of us are very passionate about, and very protective of the ones we love. But you have to do it by categories right? Wrong. I wanted to make it as difficult as possible.

So, the only two stipulations I made for this list were… Only live people, no cartoons. And, you can only use ONE person PER SHOW. Otherwise, I probably would have had 5 people from The Office.

Let’s boogie… But like NCAA Selection Sunday, here are my first five out:

Charlie from Two & A Half Men

Norm from Cheers

Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell

Lucy from I Love Lucy

Joey from Friends

Ok, here is my Top 10 (no one will agree with) ALL TIME TV Characters List:

10. President Bartlet. West Wing.

Image – Fandom

The West Wing is one of the best shows of all time. Go back and look at the actors in that show and where they are now, it’s incredible. President Bartlet is someone we should all be like in real life.

9. Will. Fresh Prince.

Image – COC

Who doesn’t start singing every damn lyric to the Fresh Prince Song as soon as you hear, Innn… (West Philadelphia) I know your doing it right now. Will changed the game in the 90’s. Hands down a top 10 character ever. I mean kid moved from Philly to Bel Air and dominated.

8. Kramer. Seinfeld.

Image – Time

His entrance in Jerry’s apartment every time puts him on the list enough. Here is a show that could have multiple characters on this list, Seinfeld is classic. But, there is just something about Kramer… The way he moves, talks and the stuff he did was unbelievable. The dude put a garbage disposal in his shower to wash produce and save time showering, I mean..

7. Uncle Jesse. Full House.

Image – Romper

Every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to sleep with him. And, he was married to Aunt Becky… Who every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to sleep with. The guy had unbelievable hair, could play guitar, had a hot wife, rode a motorcycle, owned a club, was the cool uncle and became an awesome dad. I mean he should be higher actually.. HAVE MERCY!

6. Tyrion Lannister. Game of Thrones.

Image – Esquire

I think he is the greatest negotiator and bullshitter in TV history. He should have died so many times but kept plugging along.. Drinking along and sexing along through the whole damn show. Was the best Hand in Westeros and should have gotten the Throne at the end!

5. Ari Gold. Entourage.

Image – Hollywood

One of the most rude, hilarious and quick witted characters ever. Ari could do the deal.. Talk the talk and walk the walk. An unbelievable shit talker and man among boys. You have to love Ari and his antics.

4. Tommy Shelby. Peaky Blinders.

Image – Planet Radio

If you are asking who is Tommy Shelby… Get sent to the moon. Thomas is one of the most bad ass dudes that has ever been on TV. All he does is drink whiskey, smoke cigs, have sex, make money, kill people and basically run England. Oh yeah and he’s a WWI hero and dresses like a stud. God I wish I could put him higher.

3. Coach Eric Taylor. Friday Night Lights.

Image – Thought Catalog

Every time I watch the show I must say “I want to be Eric Taylor” twice an episode. He’s a hell of a coach, a better man and an even better husband. We could all learn a thing or two from Coach. This is no debate, he’s top 3 ever. CLEAR EYES.. FULL HEART.. CANT LOSE.

2. Michael Scott. The Office.

Image – Complex

Could I have picked Dwight? Of course. But I mean Michael is the ring leader. The best boss in the world and is probably the most quoted character ever. Not to mention he brought us so many other characters… Ping, Prison Mike.. Oh Michael! (That’s what she said.)

1. Tony Soprano. The Sopranos.

Image – foxnews

There is no debate on this. It’s Tony Soprano. He is the best character on the best show of all time. There is no need to go any further. RIP TONY.

Ok internet…

Do your thing.


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